Brian wrote

I arrived for my treatment in agony. Afterwards I felt amazing and was able to walk home comfortable. Thank you so much

Julia wrote:

Excellent service, completely professional. Feeling totally balanced after a much needed sports massage, thank you Lee 😀

Ruth wrote:

Amazing massage – tailored to my needs and I learnt a lot about how I can improve my posture & which muscle groups I need to strengthen to feel good/ avoid future problems

Andrew wrote:

Over the years, I have visited numerous sports massage therapists, both in this country and abroad, for deep tissue massages. Lee has to be the best masseur I have come across. Apart from an obviously thorough knowledge of the body, Lee seems to know exactly what areas to work and how to work them.

Louise Wrote:

Having been really ill with flu, I decided to aid my recuperation and have a reflexology session with Lee. This really helped me to feel better and stronger and speeded up my recovery.
Now if I have a particularly busy and demanding week I often now book a reflexology session with Lee which helps to restore me mentally and physically.

Mike Wrote:

My name is Mike and I am an aspiring Ironman triathlete. I have been training hard for the event all year and am looking forward to taking part at the end of July 2011.
An important part of training is recovery. The sports massage that Lee has provided has helped me stay fit and healthy and aided my recovery. I have had weekly sessions on and off with Lee and enjoyed them.
The sports massage is a deep muscle massage that can cause a bit of pain but I enjoy the pleasure/pain. I have also benefited from Lee’s health and fitness knowledge. During the massages I regular tap into his expertise and experience of tips and advise on stretching and diet.
Thanks for your help, massages and advise.

Annette Wrote:

I became a client of Lee Therapies in December 2009. I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis in Australia in 2000. My symptoms ranged from numbness, pins and needles, headaches, low immune system and severe bladder problems.
On my initial visit, Lee went through a comprehensive consultation. I was very impressed by Lee’s knowledge of the disease, and he made me feel totally relaxed and at ease.
The results have been astounding, and my Neurologist and General Practitioner have been amazed by the results. Before I became a client, I had such severe bladder dysfunction; I had to self-catheterize three times per day. After a couple of sessions of acupuncture, my bladder returned to normal. And I have not had any bladder infections. For an eighteen month period prior, I was given continual low level antibiotics, I have not had an infection since. And I have not had to self-catheterize since; this has made a significant change to daily life.
Coupled with a healthy diet, regular exercise, meditation and rest when required, my life has almost returned to normal. The acupuncture has also helped with all of my other symptoms. I now have treatment once a month, and sometimes more if needed.
I recommend Lee Therapies to as many people as I can. And I cannot express how the treatments have enhanced my day to day living. I have more energy, more vibrancy, and enjoy life a great deal more.