Sports Therapy & Sports Massage

Sports therapy & sports massage is not just for people who play sport

sports-massageSports therapy and sports massage is not only used for sporting and non-sporting injuries, it’s extremely good for relieving lifestyle-related tension and stress, which can cause pain. A constant build up of tension in muscles, either through lifestyle or regular exercise may lead to stress on the muscle, joints, ligaments and tendons. Regular treatment may help to prevent tension that can lead to injury.




Sports massage

When muscles become stressed, they cannot work smoothly, so they block oxygen and nutrients.
Deep tissue massage helps break down the muscle fibres which restores the muscle balance.
Muscles will be stretched to help restore them to their normal length.



sports-tapingKinesiology taping

Helps to correct the alignment of weak muscles and the facilitating joint motion.
This type of taping lifts the skin increasing the space below it therefore increasing blood flow and circulation of the lymphatic fluids.
Due to the increase in the interstitial space there is less pressure on the body’s nociceptors which detect pain.